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good morning, no laughing matter -- the fbi investigating the death threat made on an al qaeda website against late-night comedian david letterman. this morning, the joke that prompted it and how seriously the threat is being taken. catastrophic, a 17-year-old bend bars accused of planning to bomb his former high school. he had a minute-by-minute plan and bomb making materials and was prepared to carry out the attack for inn a matter of days. what happened to robyn?
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new details of a american missing in aruba. graphic photos found on the main suspect's camera. the man overseeing the case speaks out in a live interview today, thursday, august 18 20rks -- 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> savannah guthrie in for ann who's on assignment. threats made by people on al qaeda websites. nothing new. but you don't normally expect a threat to be against someone like david letterman. >> threats were posted after letterman joked about killing of an al qaeda leader, one called for his tongue to be cut off. details straight ahead. also, a hunt is on the way for a rogue shark. it may be responsible for two
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deadly attacks in the seychelles. the latest was a honeymooner killed in front of his new bride. we'll have the latest. take a look at the ad campaign to lingerie being marketed to girls as young as four years old. the outrage it's triggering later on this morning. the death threat against david letterman made on an al qaeda website. a correspondent here from the nbc station in new york is here with the details. good to see you. >> good morning. >> david letterman was informed of the threat. what was the threat? what prompted it? >> there's a website overseas that jihadists posted threats and rants. one said cut the tongue off of the lowly jew because he's been making comments about the parents killed by the military. he's not jewish. but nonetheless, the fbi and
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nypd take threats like this seriously. they alerted the comedian and took some expert security precautions but no specific plot. >> they want to. and they want to look into it. they're not saying this is a credible plot or this individual had taken any threats to execute the threat. >> no specific plot. there's chatter oud there. when a lone actor acts based on rhetoric posted on a known al qaeda website. that's a concern. but nothing indicating that the person posting this is a real al qaeda leader, they don't know yet. they're investigating trying to find out. >> this is a real al qaeda website. one official called it the premier forum for al qaeda. >> it's been use in the past to make specific and real threats and claimed responsibility that al qaeda is behind the norway attacks. there's been real stuff on there. >> never be too careful.
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now to matt. to florida where a 17-year-old is under arrest accused of plotting what police are calling a catastrophic plot to set off a bomb in his former high school. mike tanpe has details on that. good morning. >> police learned of the threat after a tip was call in by a member of the public. the tip, they say, may have saved some lives. >> reporter: police say in this quiet apartment complex in north tampa, they made enough bomb-making material including shrapnel to kill a lot of people. >> we were able to this ward a c catastrophic event, the likes of which the city of tampa has not seen. >> arrested is jared cano who was expelled from freedom high school last year for inappropriate behavior. he also has a juvenile record.
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>> he'd been arrested recently with a burglary, where a firearm was stolen. >> he lists one of his favorite quotes as lessons not learn in blood are soon forgotten, from "law abiding citizen" about vigilante justice. >> they found schematic drawings of the school and learned he planned to set up bombs in freedom high next tuesday. >> two individual faculty members are specific targets and he mentioned his desire to cause more casualties than were suffered at columbine. >> during the columbine high school massacre 11 years ago, 13 people were murdered before the two student shooters killed themselves. the officials say the difference this time is they were alerted in advance. >> we were fortunate that we have a situation like this.
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but it's more fortunate we stop it. >> students and parents say they're concerned about the start of classes. >> it's terrifying. getting ready for the first day of school is hard enough. but hearing about something like this. >> he might not show up for school. >> a lot of people are going to be on edge. it's going to be kind of scary. >> now the court hearing, khaa s public defender would not let him speak publicly. even though they believe cano acted alone, there's extra patrols here at the school when classes open on tuesday, matt? >> mark potter in tampa, thank you very much. six minutes after the hour. here's savannah. >> aruba police are releasing details in the mysterious disappearance of a maryland woman there. the man leading that investigation in a moment. but first, we have the latest janet, good morning? savannah, good morning to
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you. will a digital camera help provide clues to what might have happened to robyn gardner. graphic and disturbing images of gardner were found on gary giorda giordano's digital camera sent to curacao for analysis along with his cell phone and lap top. rchblg >> reporter: when gary giordano booked his trip, he got traveller's insurance, it covered the usual and had a payout to pay for an accidental death while on vacation. >> as far as we know, it's a travel insurance policy and we ask the u.s. authorities to investigate that for us. >> reporter: stein tells nbc news, aruba has a policy. it was turned over last week. the maryland man volunteered the
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insurance information during questioning and after the search along the beach he reported robyn went missing. >> we don't know what was going through his mind at the time he took this out. but it would seem this casual relationship is not one that would particularly call upon taking out a life insurance policy, especially should he have made himself the beneficiary. >> reporter: giordano's digital cameras, cell phones, and computer from the hotel room have been sent to curacao for analysis. and nbc aruba reporter said there was no significant evidence. >> the possible evidence was a rock with a full hand print and blood on it. >> reporter: in prison wednesday, giordano was questioned with his attorney present. he repeatedly declared his client innocent. but he can't come forward as giordano threatens to fire him if he shows uh on tv right now
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talking about the case. not quite the plush beach-side marriott. >> a friend of mine said he saw giordano. he's in a cell with two other prisoners from aruba. he was pretty calm. >> reporter: with more evidence needed to hold giordano, an extensive search for a body will be launched in aruba's more rural spot. that search will be focused on finding a body. focused on the southern part of the island, which unlike the tourist areas here, largely dez er -- desert-like and uninhabited. the solicitor general taco stein is overseeing the case against giordano. he's with us exclusive think from aruba. thank you for joining us, good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> fine, thank you. there's questions about the nature of the relationship between ms. gardner and mr.
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giorda giordano. there are reports this morning that i would like for you to comment on that photographs were found on the digital camera belonging to mr. giordano that had been described as beyond pornographic. can you comment on that? >> i can say a camera has been confiscated and it's looked at presenty by the police to see what's on it. if it bears on our investigation. i'm not in a position to say what's on the camera, what kinds of pictures they are? >> can you tell me based on what you seen or heard about the photographs, does it seem like the couple is on a vacation or does ms. gardner appear to be in some kind of duress? >> what i heard about it is that there's no indication of talk of duress in the piures. i cannot dwell on what's in the
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camera. what kind of pictures you are. >> i know you have not had direct contact with mr. giordano while he's in custody. i would imagine you have people observing him. can you show his demeanor at this point? does he show any remorse or concern for his traveling companion? >> well, as far as i know, but as you say, i haven't been in direct contact with him. the demeanor is he's fighting these accusations. he's denying what is happened. so remorse is as not in the textbook at the moment. and for concern -- i have not heard that there is much concern being forced by him. >> according to "people" magazine, mr. stein, you described mr. giordano in this way. they have you quoted, quote, he's a mean bastard, end quote, the next quote, the way he treats women is all geared
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toward himself. you're smiling. is that an accurate quote? >> in such that i was confronted at that moment with information from the united states about his court case which the restraining orders have been taken out against him by women who have been bothered by him and have been troubled by him. >> do you think that quote coming from you in some ways might be problematic at this stage of the case? >> well, i don't know. i cannot have an opinion myself about a person. i'm not dealing with the case myself. so my colleagues who -- who will take the case to court, will not be biassed. >> mr. stein, i appreciate your time this morning. i appreciate it very much. spring and john q. kelly. attorney with beth holloway twitty and worked with aruban authorities in the disappearance
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of natalee holloway. what jumps out at you? >> law enforcement down there was immediately recognized the potential gravity of this situation. recognized the potential of playing the situation. and reacted swiftly. and, you know, the way they should have. >> you know aruba well. you know how difficult it can be to conduct a search there. what are the main problems? >> decembsolate, rugged. most of the island are sand dunes, abandoned salt mine shafts. >> giordano had to be a suspect in this case from the moment that robyn gardner went missing. yet, a few days after the search began, he got through the airport, was about to aboard a plane. why did aruban authorities let him get that far? >> i think it's by design.
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he goes to aruban customs, u.s. customs. answer more questions. . what he might have tried to discard. >> i imagine that you have heard and i have heard over the past few weeks people here in the united states make comments to the effect of if you want to get away with murder, go to aruba. that the perception is that the law enforcement authorities are not up to a challenge like that? is that a fair assess [. >> i don't think in this circumstance. the implausibility of giordano's story. what was off of the island bordering venezuela there. it's difficult and they reached out to the fbi. they followed the steps in this circumstance. >> thank you very much. >> 14 minutes past the hour, here's savannah. now to politics, president obama sets off on his ten-day summer vacation today after wrapping up his bus tour through
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the midwest. kristin welker is on martha's vineyard where the president will arrive later today, good morning. >> president obama will be arriving here today for rest, relaxation, and a little bit of work. because after labor day, he'd be unveiling a plan to the american people aimed at increasing jobs and decreasing the deficit. today the president is back at the white house before heading off to his family vacation. on his three-day bus tour through the midwest, the president focused on jobs and the economy. >> i know you're frustrated, i want you to know i'm frustrated. >> he encountered a lot of frustrated people along the way. >> i want to hear more about the jobs. i don't want to hear about another commission. we have too many now. >> feeling the heat, the president will be unveiling a new jobs plan after a vacation which will likely include tax cuts and funding for
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construction projects. in an interview with cbs, the president said, "we need to do more." >> i don't think we're in danger of another recession. but we're in danger of not having a recovery that's fast enough to deal with what is a genuine unemployment crisis for a lot of folks out there. >> stopping in south carolina wednesday, republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann released this statement -- i have a job strategy for the president. plan your own exit into new job in the private sector in january, 2013. texas governor rick perry on his own listing toward new hampshire was also critical of the president. >> mr. president, actions speak louder than words. my actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country. the president's actions are killing jobs in this country. >> reporter: but perry made his own when he questioned the validity of global warming calling it -- >> a scientific theory that has not been proven.
7:17 am
in my perspective, it's more and more being put into question. >> reporter: on the right, hundreds of blogs have dubbed the president's bus tour the darth vader tour questioning his black-windowed armored vehicle. the secret service defends the $1.1 billion bus and the government has ordered a second bus used by the republican nomin nominee. and there's the other issue, critics have stepped up the call for mr. obama to cancel the ten-day vacation. it sefrnds t sends a wrong message for a long time. >> it sends a very bad message. you have to work in this country to bring it back. >> white house officials push back against that type of criticism saying the office of the president si travels with mr. obama wherever he goes. the third summer vacation to martha's vineyard that the obamas will take.
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>> thank you very much. let's swing to natalie to get the newsdesk now. >> good morning, matt, savannah, good morning, everybody. the justice department launched a probe in to whether standard & poor's rating agency improperly rating securities giving them suspensionally higher ratings even though they knee they were troubled in the lean yip to the financial crisis. the investigation before the s&p's controversial downgrade of the nation's triple a credit rating more of this month. now turn to melissa francis at the new york stock exchange. melissa? >> looking at specific instances. what they think the analysts wanted to give the other funds a lower rating but stopped by their managers. each seep made a lot of money in the beam. s&p long maintained the ratings and the business are undependent. the whole reputation depends on
7:19 am
that. the securities were not as valued as they said. was it more me fair youls, back to you. in other financial news this morning, the security at the securities and exchange commission is accusing the agency of destroying documents related to the preliminary investigations of bernie madoff and other firms. the sec had criticism. they said not every document has to be saved. >> a gun battle broke out early this morning after two israeli military vehicles passengered as civilians came in with hand devices. a civilian attack were attacked by profit. nine people were killed, dozens were hurt. the obama administration is ready to call for the syrian
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president bassad to step down. that announcement could come as early as today. the syrian government has been cracking down on the citizens. a human rights group reports that 1800 civilians have been killed there since march. today the human rights team said the crackdown, quote, may announce the crimes against humanity even as assad claimed he ended military operations in his country today. security forces have shot nearly 20 people dead today already. a contentious argument between rosie o'donnell and piers morgan. o'donnell baked when he asked about gape marriage. she dodged the questions and finally reached a point. >> why are you being so weird about this? >> i'm not being weird, you're being rude. >> she took off her camera and
7:21 am
blocked the staffers. she walked off the show soon >> good morning.
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here at home, we will keep temperatures in the 80's, but we will also have a chance for a shower or thunderstorm, about a 40% chance. and that's your latest weather. savannah? all right, al, thanks. coming up, a honeymooner killed by a shark in the seychelles as his bride watched. the second attack in a few weeks. was it the same shark. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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gist ahead, would you let your little girl wear this.
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the controversial ad campaign for lingerie to girls as young as 4. >> the warning not to wear one company's clothes after your local news. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year. see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool! so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel, denim, converse one star shoes, denim, shaun white hoodies and denim. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> we have some good news to report on the inner loop of i- 70. we had an accident in the right lane that is now clear. outer loop delays, standard delays from 795 down to
7:27 am
edmondson at. if you are going to get out on 95, moving well out of the white marsh area. you are checking on the direction right now. we will show you what it looks like 95 on white marsh. traffic is still moving very well. baltimore national pike. outer loop delays all due to the earlier accident on the inner loop. >> we had some heavy rain in a few neighborhoods this morning, but things have settled down now. nothing is going to slow down the traffic. 70 degrees in westminster. forecast for today, partly cloudy skies. it is going to be hit and miss. high temperatures between 84 and 89.
7:28 am
this looks intimidating, with the lightning bolts on their bank. -- on there. don't cancel any plans. cold front is going to go through on monday. that should clear things out by the middle of next week. >> you should check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back in 25 minutes with another live update.
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>> a 7:30 on a thursday morning, 18th of august, 2011. hopefully the folks have umbrellas. they may need them later on. outside and talk to al roker and get his forecast in a little while. hopefully, lit be nice tomorrow morning when pop superstar enrique iglesias puts on a live concert on that plaza. inside, i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie while ann is on assignment. just ahead -- health not wanted.
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if you're one of the 14 million americans looking for work, you may have noticed a trend. employers are poing job ads who are seeking only people who are currently employees or recently laid off. is that discrimination? what are you supposed to do if you've been out of work for a while. advice from jean chatzky. the most popular show. abercrombie and fitch doesn't want to see its clothing on the cast members. they ordered the office to pay the situation and crew to stop wearing abercrombie clothing. >> is this a publicity stunt. >> another dust-up over clothing. lingerie marketed to girls as young as 4 years old. the critics say it's unacceptable. it's obvious. a deadly shark attack in the seychelles. a honeymooner was killed as his
7:32 am
new bride watched in horror from shore. this is the second fatal attack for two weeks. stephanie gosk joins us on the phone. good morning. >> reporter: it's a stunning place. it's made up of 115 islands in the middle of the indian ocean. it's an ultimate island getaway. exclusive, difficult to get to. for many of the people to come here, it's their dream vacation. there hasn't been a shark attack here in the last 40 years. in the last two weeks, two tourists have been killed and the hunt for a killer shark is o on. ian redman, 30 years old, was on his honeymoon. he and his girlfriend of nine years had just gotten married. far from their cloudy and cold home in northern england, they were in paradise. his wife was on the beach sunbathe iine ing sunbathing. he was snorkeling along the shore as the shark attacked.
7:33 am
>> she heard screaming. >> witnesses drug him to dry land but couldn't save him. it bit off his arm, took a chunk out of his leg and wounds in his chest. >> it was clear he had no chance whatsoever of surviving. >> the shocking death would be unbelievable if something similar hasn't happened just two weeks ago. a french tourist snorkeling off of the same beach was also attacked and killed by a shark. experts suspect it may have been the same bull or tiger shark responsible for both fatal attacks. >> it's quite likely it's the same shark because there have been cases of sharks known as rogue sharks, sustain in a particular area. opportunist opportunistic. stay in a particular area. and they move on. >> it's unknown if ian or j irk ma knew if there was an attack.
7:34 am
there were warnings to make tourists arare. but it was so ware, there was little concern that it would happen again. the beach is closed, diving trips are postponed, and officials are trying to find the shark. terror in the place of beauty chosen by prince william and princess catherine for their tropical getaway in may. for a new wife now newly made a widow, there's unimaginable grief. in a statement, she wrote -- her husband was brave and her best friend. we were having so much fun and we were so excited about our future together. i want to thank him for nine years of joy. they were expected to leave on sunday. instead, their parents have flown here to help her deal with this tragedy and her husband's body flown home, savannah. thank you.
7:35 am
andy dihart is the shock advisor. good morning. >> good morning. >> this morning brought a context that i never heard before, this rogue shark. this is the idea that certain sharks have developed a taste for humans? >> a very tragic case. i still feel for the family. but likelihood of shark attack is very rare. but those who thought that some sharks develop a taste or understand that humans might be easy to hunt. most would dismiss the idea this could be a rogue shark looking for humans. >> by in large, sharks dot not want to eat humans. >> that's right. 500 shark species. none of them has human as part of the regular diet. we believe it's an accident. >> there's a hunt now for this shark. you're convinced it's the work of a single shark obviously the two incidents happened in
7:36 am
proximity in to one another. >> i find it highly unlikely the same shark after two separate weeks, but it is possible. tiger and bull sharks come to the area from time to time. they're likely culprits. we know that ian suls taned-- sustained damage. >> how difficult attack is that. the ocean are also huge, sharks cover a ton of terrain. >> they move a little bit. they can stay in one area if there's food present, the normals like sea turtles and fish. there are methods to get the sharks out by fishing, rod and reel, or by long lining. hopefully they will not use nets, it's disruptive to the other sharks in the area and other marine species. >> were you surprised to hear about a shark attack in this area? in the say chels? >> it's not known for whale
7:37 am
species. whale sharks are large and they're beautiful to swim be. no reports of dangerous sharks in this area. >> any theories of why this may have happen? >> we never know. shark statistics are fun to look at. we know there's less than 100 attacks per year worldwide. five or six of those are fatal. but it's hard to know year-to-year what brings them close to shore. >> good perspective. thank you. >> thank you. >> get a check of the weather from al. today's weather is brought to you by new coffee mate natural blends. add your flavor naturally. >> we've got a nice group of folks here. what's your name? >> hezechai. >> i like that. where's you from? >> philly. >> anyone you want to say hi to? >> my grandma. always good. >> and my aunt. >> my aunt.
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that's good. let's see what's happening. and we've got a risk of strong storms from minnesota all the way down to missouri. could see isolated tornadoes especialfully the afternoon. as we look at today, you can see gorgeous weather in the pacific northwest. going to be fantastic today. temperatures in the 70s. looking at showers and thunderstorms around florida. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms moving in to the northeast as we get a funnel system. and, again, down in texas, the heat continues. >> the humidity is going to go up a little bit today, and so is the chance for rain. 40% chance for a shower or thunderstorm in your neighborhood.
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you can check your weather any time of the day or night, go to the weather channel on cable or on-line. savannah? thank you. an unfortunate catch-22 if you're out of work and looking for a job. why more companies want applicants employed who are currently employed. and lingerie ads for girls as young as 4. stay tuned. these are these messages. we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! whoa dude. [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet?
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♪ [ female announcer ] we're throwing away misperceptions about natural gas vehicles. more of the vehicles that fuel our lives use clean american natural gas today. it costs about 40 percent less than gasoline, so why aren't we using it even more? start a conversation about using more natural gas vehicles in your community. back now at 7:42. if you're up employed. finding a job may have become a little harder. employees are posting job vacancies seeking candidates who are currently employed or recently laid off.
7:43 am
so where does that leave many of the 14 million jobless americans? jean chatzky is today's financial editor. good to see you. >> good morning. >> this is job discrimination. why isn't it? >> it suspect. the test for discrimination is you have to apply to something that you can't change about yourself. a disability, your age, your gender, your race. unemployment status is spongeble, changeable. >> reading between the lines of the -- and don't even have to go between the lines. what the ads are saying if you have been out of work for a long period of time, you are a less desirable employee. and you think of the people out there, 6 million people are looking for work who have been out of work for more than six months. >> agree with you this feels outrageous. what employers are saying in some cases is that if you have been long-term unemployed, they think you're less desirable because you're one of the first people gotten there. so you were a less valuable
7:44 am
employee or your technical skills may have lapsed. neither of those things may be true, but there are a lot of ads saying currently employed. >> if they're seeing the ads and they're being exposed and publicized, it makes me wonder how are the ads posted all across the country. are they hiring the people who haven't been out of work as long. >> that's on a case-by-case basis. but what's become very clear is that you have to make a personal connection with those employer else. it's not enough to send in a resume anymore. you have to make sure that you are not just a piece of paper. >> a couple of ideas you want to pass out to people? first of all, you might want to consider if you've been laid off, working pro bono. >> you want something at the top of the resume if you can find something with a current date. it may be doing it on a volunteer basis. on your resume, take employment
7:45 am
off, put professional experience on. you can list everything and it's not saying you had ap actual job. >> you want people to remember to use social media very witzly and carefully. >> used linkedin, and search with connections with people who have jobs. same high school, sorority, from a fraternity, church. get in there. >> keep your credit in good shape. >> this is hard for people. >> easier said than done. >> even if you can make only the minimum payment, make sure that you make them on time. employers are checking. >> thank you appreciate it. wear that, not this. abercrombie & fitch offers to pay the situation from jersey shore not the wear its clothing. that after this.
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abercrombie and fitch has offered to pay the situation and "jersey shore" classmates to stop wearing his clothes. jeff is in lower manhattan this morning. >> money for nothing. you heard of product placement? this is the exact opposite of that. it's bizarre. out of nowhere, abercrombie & fitch put out this release. saying, request it the situation could cause significant damage to our image." this is the same company that basically used his name last year to sell t-shirts. >> mark your calendars. for the first time, mike "the situation" sorention didn't cause a controversy. it came to him. >> that was pretty easy. >> on "jersey shore," "the situation has worn clothing from abercrombie & fitch -- nice green pants. and he said the nature of the
7:50 am
show is contrary to our brand and offered the situation and the re of the cast a substantial payment to stop wearing it. >> i wouldn't wear -- >> i wouldn't date anyone who wears it things he wears. >> same between who's been under fire for exploiting children in re si ads, featuring half naked teenagers. the company is accused of discrimination against blacks, asian, and female employees. they settled several lawsuits. abercrombie was criticized for marketing push-up bikinis to young girl this is year. >> it's hypocritical that abercrombie would be pointing the finger at the situation saying he's too unseemly for their brand given the history of outlandish publicity stunts. >> the situation happened step up to the plate. >> speaking of the situation, abercrombie & fitch cashed in on his name last year, marketing this t-shirt, the fitchuation.
7:51 am
now they say he hurts their brand. >> no doubt about it. >> it's bad. >> but not so fast. the situation hasn't agreed to the deal yet. >> if i was the situation, i would take the money and run. if someone is going to pay you not to work by all means, go for it. >> nice. the situation would not comment. neither would the rest of the cast. but mtv on jersey shore said it's a pr stunt and love to work with him on other ways. they can reach the largest youth audience on television. more sleepless nights for all of us. see if the situation takes this offer. >> on the edge of our seats. thank you so much. >> thank you. have you gotten a bad case of giggles on the air j. >> yeah. really? >> can we pull it together?
7:52 am
anderson cooper had that problem. something about the actor -- [ laughing ] stop laughing, it's distracting. now we know he doesn't have any stage fright when it comes to public donation. maybe he can get together with his fellow classmates and they can have a pissing contest, a p-off, the movie was about a bee-on. so he took his solo flight to urination, the plane had to go back to the gate and some cleaning crew had to deal with the golden globe winning tinkle. i think they should thanks their lucky stars it wasn't departe 2. made me giggle every time i read it. he hasn't commented on this incident. i know you got it.
7:53 am
all right, sorry. >> oh -- >> daytime show of his is going to be a hoot. can't wait. >> get the gist of it. gerard depardeaux relieved himself on an airplane. >> had 20 wait to wait 15 minut anderss ann hathaway stops >> after your local news and weather. but some symptoms were still in his way. so the doctor kept eric on his current medicine and added nonstimulant intuniv to his treatment plan. [ male announcer ] for some children like eric, adding once-daily nonstimulant intuniv to their stimulant has been shown to provide additional adhd symptom improvement. don't take if allergic to intuniv, its ingredients,
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7:56 am
♪ >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time for another check of the morning commute. here is sarah caldwell. >> still recovering from an earlier accident on the west side. delays in both loops right now but the heaviest spot on the outer loop towards edmondson. 18 miles per hour on average. no problems to report on the harrisburg expressway. outer loop north east side from harford towards dulaney valley,
7:57 am
southbound 95, tapping the brakes approaching white marsh towards the 895 split. further south i-95, 30 miles per hour. let's give you a live view of traffic. theg away from us, that's pace of things. we are seeing delays on the west side baltimore national pike. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check in with tony. >> rain in some suburbs of harford and cecil county. you might run into rainshowers bracco. -- or sprinkle. 70 degrees in westminster. 40% chance for a shower or thunderstorm. high-temperature in the mid-to- upper-80's. it is going to be a little more humid than yesterday.
7:58 am
some forecast all the way through the weekend. 40% chance for a shower or thunderstorm each day. these will be hit and miss. it should clear up by the time to get to the middle of next week. >> thank you for joining us brought it back at 8:25 with another w
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 oon thursday morning. the 18th day of august, 2011. we have drizzle the new york area, heading up to the 80-degree mark today. enrique iglesias takes our stage. come on down tomorrow. it should be a big crowd. matt lauer along with savannah guthrie while ann is on assignment. al roker joins us as well.
8:01 am
coming up, outrage over a new line of ling rooe. >> number one is lingerie marketed to little girls as young as 4 years old. is this supposed to be shock advertising. we'll talk about some of the issues photographs like these have raised. also, right now in our studio is oscar nominee ann hathaway, she's starring in a brand new romance called one day. interesting to take a look at the snapshot. one day in the lives of a couple every year for 20 years. very, very interesting movie. ann is going to be here. she has other things to talk about. we'll chat with her in a few minutes. >> cat woman? >> right. >> from wrinkled zappers to anti-aging creams, what is the first. we're going to let you know. >> all in, be gone. >> let's go inside.
8:02 am
>> natalie is standing by at the newsdesk. she's got a check of the headlines. powerful credit weighting age agency standard & poor's is the target of a federal investigation. they want to see if s&p gave overly rosy ratings to securities leading up to the financial crisis. the investigation began before the s&p lowered the u.s. credit rating earlier this month. president obama heads to martha's vineyard in massachusetts today for a ten-day vacation with the family. congress is also on summer recess. the president wrapped up his midwestern bus tour wednesday promising a major speech next month on jump starting the economy. meantime, his newest republican challenger, texas governor rick perry, told the new hampshire audience wednesday he did not believe in man made global warming which contradicts the view held by mitt romney. casey anthony's attorneys filed an appeal wednesday to block the one-year probation sentence that would force
8:03 am
anthony to return to florida next week. anthony has been in seclusion since she was acquitted last month of murdering her daughter, caylee. the probation order stems from a check fraud conviction. police in aruba seized the cameras, cell phone, and computer to a man accompanying an american man to aruba where she disappeared two weeks ago. taco stein refused to comment that gary giordano's camera. he was question in an aruban jail where he's held. london police made an arrest today in britain's phone acting scandal. it's a journalist who covered hollywood for the now defuchkt "news of the world" tabloid accused of wrong doing before he moved to the u.s. now here's brian williams for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." brian? there's a lot of talk there are no jobs. we found a place where there are
8:04 am
plenty of jobs but not enough people to fill them. we'll have that story tonight when we see you for nightly news. back to you. >> thanks. a look at what's trending today. what has you talking on-line about anderson cooper's video. it's hot on-line after joking about a french actor caught urinating on a airplane. the cnn coast caught a case of the the giggles last night. >> sorry. >> says it's never happened to him before. it happens to me all the time, cooper, don't feel so bad about it. central california's elusive capybara. a rodent confused for the chupacabras are blood suckers
8:05 am
and capybaras are vegetarians. >> i don't play my god seat pretty good. ann. she's here in the studio. the gangsta rapper and share more about what prompted that coming up in a few minutes. it's 8:04 right now. outside to matt and ann. >> thank you very much. mr. roker has a check of the dreary weather. >> a sprinkle here and there. friends hanging out. where are you guys come? >> did you see? very nice. and you guys -- you want to find a talent agent? what do you do? >> i sing and act. >> see if you can find you. let's check your weather but see what we have going for you. our pick city, salinas, california, ksbw. morning fog. 71 degrees. you can see we have showers making their way and
8:06 am
thunderstorms in the lower mississippi river valley. wet weather move fog the northeast. that will get out of here. more showers coming in as the front passes through the midwest. perfect weather the pacific northwest. 73 in seattle, 73 in portland. houston today going for the 18th day in a row of 100 plus >> the weather is going to be a little unsettled as we head into the weekend. today, partly cloudy skies. 40% chance for a shower or th and that's your latest weather. mr. lauer? thank you very much. when we come back, would you let your little girl wear lingerie?
8:07 am
the controversial new clothing line that's aimed at children as young as 4. we'll talk about that after this. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year. your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all. what is that? it burns! it's singeing me! woman: i can't see! it's the sun. get out of the office more often with chili's $6 lunch break combos, featuring texas toast half sandwiches. ♪ chili's lunch break combos ♪
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8:10 am
>> back now at 8:10 with outrage over a lingerie line for girls as young as 4 years old. critics say it's not just the apparel, but the promotional photos of young models in adult poses. we have the story this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, savannah. how young is too young for sexy underwear. the problem for some is much bigger than one line of underwear. it's that little girls are being sexualized far too often. little girls in mid drift tops,
8:11 am
camisoles, bras and panties. this is lingerie for 4-year-olds. the underwear innocently dubbed lounge-erie is a new invention for a french company designed for 4 to 12-year-olds and upsetting many. >> it's racy for a little kid. >> too much, too much skin. >> does a little girl even need that top. >> the latest products for little girls to cause a big stir, crossing over from the adult world to the kid zone, including padded bras for girls as young as 7, bikinis for babies, and high heels for toddlers, as we previously reported. >> what's one the shoes? >> don't start them at the age of 1. >> not just the product, but how they're being marketed. tiny tots with big hair, frolicking on a bed, sitting on a makeup table. >> it's brilliant marketing on their part. i think they definitely went into it thinking this is going to get me a lot of attention, bad or good intention. no pr is bad pr.
8:12 am
>> it's seen in the pages of high-fashion magazines. the face behind this seductive post is just 10 years old. the sultry spread in january's french vogue led to such an outcry, the mother shut down the young girl's facebook page writing, i want to protect her from the deepest of my heart so we're going to close this. some critics fear that marketing is encouraging young girls to grow up too quickly. a dance studio in the uk is offering pole cannesing cla ida for girls as young as 3. tots were twirling around metal poles. >> the impact that the hypersexualization has on girls they become overly sexualized too early. they're preoccupied with sex and body image, which can contribute to self-esteem issues and body image issues. >> glamorous and beautiful images which some fear could have ugly consequences.
8:13 am
>> french company behind that lounge-erie about the controversy saying their goal was to create soft and agreeable undergarments for children and there are no vulgar implications. if for pole dancing class, the instructor said it's no different than a gymnastics class and there's nothing sexual about it. >> donny deutsch is the chairman of the advertising giant deutsche incorporated. cards on the table. when i looked as these photos this morning, i felt a little sick to my stomach. is there any justification for these advertisements? and a lingerie line for little girls? >> let's not mince any words here. this is sexualization of girlings. we are showing sexuality inappropriately on another person, in this case, children. we know the sexualization on
8:14 am
children can cause a lot of problems, eating disorders, poor sexual health later on, risky behaviors. this is not child's play. >> the concept of lingerie for little kids is not appropriate. but then the advertising, donny, takes it to the next. >> let me talk first as a dad, three little ones s at home. this is grotesque. there are two sides to this argument. the poses. same on this company. i hope the authorities look at them. there's no shock value. one of the women in their early 30s, oh, shock value. there's repulsiveness. this is a big problem right now. i have young girls and i remember shopping for a halloween costume. and everything is like the slugty nurse and slugty -- slugty is the new black. and something has to stop here. something has got to stop. and basically, the word negligee in and of itself doesn't belong there. the poses are ridiculous, the
8:15 am
clothing is ridiculous. this is not a debate subject. this is disgusting. >> you talked about the effect of these kinds of images on little girls. i looked at it, my thought was, think of the creeps out there that have the photographs to look at. >> plants it seed even further. >> people wonder, why do we care? it's in france. >> but what happens in france stays in france. it permeates all of our airways, we're talking about it in the united states and the effects on girls. we need more positive images out there depict our girls in a way that say looks is not the most important thing and sex is not the most important thing. >> i would love to talk to the parents of those girls. we live in a world now where people are so starved for celebrity and attention that parents or people of kids will do anything. and i would like to really examine the parents. the kids are victims here. >> look at the french "vogue," two photos of a 10-year-old
8:16 am
model all dolled up in what vogue called high-fashion poses. is this becoming a trend? >> i feel like it is. we're seeing images constantly. we don't see the positive images. we see the constant negative images and we do have an effect. we know that the girls are affected because we see them in the studies constantly. the adult makeup, the positioning that is just sick. >> it doesn't stop there. i have to tell you, i was at a barmitzvah and it's all 13-year-old girls and they're in cocktail dresses and high heels. the struggle i have as a dad with my 8-year-old, we have to constantly pull her back. they're getting images out there that it's off the shoulder. that sexy is good at a young age. this is a macro problem. it really, really is. >> you have to spark some change. >>er with we're all in agreement on this one. >> nothing to fight about today. >> no. coming up next, the academy award nominee ann hathaway after this.
8:17 am
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back at 8:20 with academy award nominee, ann hathaway, the star of the new film, "one day," based on the international bestselling book. a pair of college grads who meet on july 15, 1988 and snapshots of their relationship are revealed on the same day for the next 20 years. take a look. ridiculous, i know. but do you want to stay the night. >> well, i already knew.
8:21 am
>> what's wrong with you? >> i don't get it. >> epic letter. so i don't know you. >> ann hathaway, welcome back. interesting crafting on this. this idea that we're seeing snapshot one day each year for 20 years. like 20 little vignettes. >> yeah. yeah. each year was its own little short film. so each -- each year had to be a movie in and of itself and make sense and fit in to the larger arc. >> easy, harder, more difficult to shoot? >> the more i do this, the more i think it will get easier. it never is. it's just different versions of problems -- challenges than i would say than problems. it's hard to keep track of
8:22 am
everything to make sure everything was evolving as it should, especially the accent. >> to say the characters are different. they're different people. your character is serious minded, looking for true love, wanting to change the world. and jim's character in this dexter is kind of affluent playboy. >> yeah. >> who's looking for the next good time. >> yeah. he's -- he's trying desperately to be shallow. you can't help but see the depth in him. it comes from two different worlds. i don't know if we can appreciate that. but in a huge part of the book, and the part of why it was so important to, you know, ground them the way we did is because they come from two classes, two worlds entirely. >> he's got a line in the movie where he describes his persona and libido. he says i love the line, i feel like i just got out of prison all the time that's how he lives his life.
8:23 am
>> he thinks he's being good. she confessed a crush. and he's telling the feelings for her as well. i feel that way for everyone. i felt for her. you see your heart get crushed a little bit. >> you can't help but fall for her. she's beautiful, funny, smart, and she has relationship problems. >> yes, well -- and journeys, we all grow and one of her problems is she can't see herself for who she is. dexter's redeeming qualities is he doesn't appreciate her properly, he always believes her and is a good friend and supports her. >> because this is a moving love story, let me ask you about the poignant question of did you really moon him between takes? while you were shooting this movie. women and children could see
8:24 am
you. >> locked upset. >> the street was blocked off but we were in front of an apartment building. >> where they have windows. >> yes. >> a little naive. >> and you mooned and there were people with cameras. have you googled yourself lately? >> oh no. i'm terrified by what i might find. but after i did do the mooning, he giggled. and there was an older guy. and the older gentleman went and -- >> is that a standard chemistry builder between you and co-stars. >> plenty of times. >> do you return the favor? >> this is the first time i decided to be a little naughty and go for it and blew right up in my face. >> speaking of a little naughty and go for it, people are talking about your role as bat woman. you're under a bat embargo, is that true? you can't talk about this? >> in america. >> shooting it right now?
8:25 am
>> we are, yes, for a few more months. >> how does your cat woman differ from the cat woman women that we've seen previously? >> that's getting too specific. awlaki say is he's directed two "batman" movies and my version of celina kyle fits into chris nolan's gothem city. it's here before you know it. >> what's with the wrapping? clearly spontaneous or did you spend a little time on that one? ♪ i go pop pop pop i go ♪ >> you're going to see the whole thing -- okay, cool. >> talk over it. >> i had to deal with the paparazzi a bit more in my life. and i don't want to -- it's not something that i ever expected to encounter. so i just -- i don't want to be angry about it. i don't want to have negative feelings about it.
8:26 am
i wanted to get them out. i started to write rap lyrics about it because that's the way it came out. i did it for my friends. they all laughed. and so when the producers come in after me. i mentioned it in an interview that i wrote poems to make me feel better sometimes. they said would you >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a final check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> new accidents coming in. we will go to a map and point that out to you. monument street at broadway, we have a crash. if you are traveling at loch raven boulevard and exeter hall avenue, another spot where you may find delays due to accident. 24 miles per hour, delay and a
8:27 am
place on the outer loop towards 795. so far so good coming out of the northeast. j.f.x. and at the harrisburg expressway running smoothly so far. quick live look outside. we will show you what it looks like on their cameras. harford tunnel traffic looks good, too. let's take a live view of traffic as we switch to the west side. now we get the latest on the forecast with john collins who joins us now. >> we have partly cloudy skies. showers that were around earlier this morning. we should see partly cloudy skies, and another chance of rain later on. barometer is up a bit, as well as humidity. in the forecast today, at a
8:28 am
double play in our weather for the next few days. chance for a shower or thunderstorm hit south, southwest breeze at 10. everybody has a chance for re later today. >> thank you for joining us. we will have another update at 8:55.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> back at 8:30 on a thursday morning. 18th day of august, 2011. rain showers in the new york area. we're on the plaza. if you stick around for 24 more hours, they will be treated to music from enrique iglesias here
8:31 am
on our plaza. we look forward to that. we're looking forward to it. and out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer. hold that if you want. along with natalie morales. savannah guthrie and al roker. umbrellas don't work well. we can't group. >> no. >> school is about to start, you know what that means. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> you have less time to prepare at home because you have so many other things to do. martha stewart is in our studio. she'll help us prepare one-skillet meels. >> very nervous. >> easy cleanup. >> first time? >> yes, it is. hi, martha. see you in a few minutes. >> don't mess up. >> i'll try not to. >> a lot of products promise instant beauty. how many work and deliver? we're going to show you some from anti-aging lipstick to this is a new one on me, whipped perfume. check it out. >> okay. >> sounds like --
8:32 am
>> that impact does the recent turmoil on wall street has on the real estate market. ivanka trump is it going to be here along with jean chas i ctz what it means for you if you're looking to sell. >> it's a dessert topping. >> it's a makeup. >> see what's happening in your weekend. tomorrow, showers in the northeast, slight risk of strong storms. in the central plain, sunshine, mild weather. in the pacific northwest, sizzling through texas. continue on to saturday. beautiful weather out west. hit and miss showers and thunderstorms in the mid mississippi and ohio river value low. sunday, sunday. great lakes, northeast, ohio river valley. the heat expanding to the pacific northwest. sizzling conditions from the gulf coast on to >> the humidity is going to go up a little bit today, and so is
8:33 am
the chance for rain. 40% chance for a shower or thunderstorm in your neighborhood. >> don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night on the weather channel on cable or on-line. first, this is one of the things you love about this show. you get to say hello to -- hello, uncle willie. >> hello, uncle willie, in washington. >> happy birthday. madeline. madeline of texas, 100 years old today. former teacher and loves to cook. she absolutely adores cooking. frank graziano, florida,
8:34 am
clearwater. the longevity is attributed to eating home cooked italian food. i don't know mahoney, valley stream, new york, 100 years old. likes to play his core net in a little band. ruby tinkle of walled lake, mehmeti. 100 years old today. that's good stuff. enjoys hunting and fishing, she did until she lost her eyesight. now she likes to eat at taco bell. ruth blackburn. a st. louis cardinal fan that attends the games every chance she gets. that's it. key to longevity, good living and exercise. can't go wrong with that. alice oelke and aluma longwell. nebraska city, nebraska, they are twins. both 100. happy birthday. they're fabulous cooks. we love them.
8:35 am
that's all. that's it. from your nation's capital. would you like to spend your money. now back to you. thanks. coming up next, martha stewart's quick and easy, she says, one-skillet suppers, that's coming up. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
more that on "today" is brought to you by macy's. the martha stewart collection is available on macy's and macy' back now at 8:37. this morning, one skillet suppers for some. the school year is kicking in to high gear. busy schedules and hectic meal times. martha stewart is here to ease your dinner woes with recipe's from this month's martha stewart magazine. nice to see you. welcome back. i was reading the notes theerksz are easy. >> recipes. >> i was reading. these are simple.
8:38 am
>> they're great. >> one skillet. i hate washing pots and pans. i hate it. if you can do it all in one, how great is that? >> a pot, a pan, a knife and fork and you're done. >> this will serve four people nicely. >> chicken dish. braising the chicken. >> browning the chicken side. making them chicken side. after they're brown, add one cup of chicken stock. you're browning in a little bit of olive oil. season with salt and pepper. >> thighs you like because they're flavorful and they've got a little juice to them. >> then add potatoes. the nice finger lings in the farm stands right now. >> cooking this over medium heat? >> yeah, trying to get this. it's going go in to a 450-degree oven for 40 minutes once you get everything cooking. add olives, a cup of the beautiful olives. those are green olives. whole garlic cloves.
8:39 am
they're nice, you can eat the whole thing. and some thyme. you can put the lemon in. >> how much? >> all of this. >> one whole one. squeeze a little bit. put the peel in there too. >> right in there too. >> very tuscan and that's what it looks like when it comes out of the oven. >> fantastic. >> pretty. >> great, savannah is coming. the first time cooking with you. >> we are making a seafood -- so -- i'm nervous. what's in this bowl. >> white peas, little tiny white tomatoes, capers, and garlic. you mix it all up together, a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and put it to a cast iron skillet. put it under the grill, it's an odd thing. >> solve it. >> the broiler -- you know? >> change it up. >> let's move on. >> the heat is on top.
8:40 am
brown. okay? >> called a kitchen. >> yeah. >> 30 seconds and then -- a add .75 cups of chicken stock. put it back under the bril broi until it gets warm. and then the deveined shrimp. >> i do know. i don't like to do it. >> put it in the oven for five minutes, that's what it looks like. >> fresh shrimp. >> you have a beautiful one-pot dinner, one pan dinner. and i think you'll like it. >> thank you so much. >> hi. >> one of my favorite things that i have is my mother's cast iron skillet. >> nice and glossy. >> you're making a pork loin with -- >> right, right. >> this is -- >> we have to -- we're making a rub of rosemary, fennell, orange zest, salt, pepper, and that's all mixed together and you rub that all over. you can let it stand for like an
8:41 am
hour before you put it in to the oven. >> so fragrant. >> i love rubs. the dry rub. parsnips all around it. people think they're white carrots. you can use carrots. but very nice flavor. and a little bit of olive oil. >> you brown this? >> no. no. you can put this right in the oven at 4:25 for 40 minutes. that's what comes out of the oven. nice, right? >> thank you. >> very, very good. >> you told me your kids won't eat greens or mushrooms or eggs? >> why are we making this recipe with you? >> very, very delicious. this is a mixture of collards, kale, mustard greens, or just one. mushrooms, a half a pound of white mushrooms.
8:42 am
a little bit of olive oil water or use butter. and you just put these down just so like it looks like this. >> collards can be bitter. do they have to cook a little longer? >> add a little bit of water. then break some eggs. i brought some eggs to the chick up. aren't they pretty. break one -- four eggs and makes -- >> savannah, you want to help break the eggs? >> i worry about you, savannah? >> can sni. >> i've done this before. >> okay. >> divide it nicely. >> making four servings. here's one more. >> good. >> you go for it. >> and continue cooking. here we are breaking eggs -- >> you broke the yolk. >> oh, one job. serve this. this is delicious. butter, a little bit of sage and
8:43 am
red hot pepper. >> oh, thank you so much. going to love that. >> you can sprinkle a little bit of parmesan cheese. >> again -- >> easy. >> i can eat it right now. >> or lunch or dinner. >> one skillet, simple and easy. savannah doesn't know how to break an egg. coming up, beauty innovations that work. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
on "today's beauty," quick beauty fixes that work. here to reveal the "instyle" top picks is colano. good morning. >> i love that you guys did this. i fall for the packaging. you determine which product actually worked.
8:46 am
how did you figure that out? >> all of the products make claims that sound almost too good to be true. so we went to a ton of dermatologists, makeup artists, and hair stylists and we divided them and tested them out ourselves. >> this is an anti-aging lipstick. who knew you needed it for your lips. >> it compares an ingredient that's found in grapes. it prevents free radical damage which helped to prevent -- >> yeah, that's right. >> so what it does to do is prevent ageing in your skin. so the company claims that every lipstick has the amount of anti-oxidants equivalent to five glasses of red wine. so we -- we tried them out. it's hard to envision that but the lipsticks are drying. we think they're moisturizing. >> anti-aging moisturizer, why
8:47 am
does that work? oh. >> retinal is in it. it stops wrinkles in less than a week. we saw two weeks our skin was brighter. after three weeks, the smile lines around our mouth were diminished. >> almay wakeup hydrating. >> it's super hydrating. it was on contact. we found it was really great. one of our testers thought it was so great that she didn't use moisturizer. she said it was hydrating enough to skip it. >> volumizer for your hair. does it give it more body? >> we put it in our hands and thought it was tacky. but when we put it on our roots, it gave life to our blowout. >> a dry shampoo. >> exactly. >> the por refe refiner?
8:48 am
>> you cannot make them disappear but you can make them look less visible. worked really good as a makeup. >> i love this one. we all love the smoky eye look. but i've been trying at home. it's not for me. >> exactly. >> you said this does work to get this look. >> it does. you have a brush that you swipe across and you swipe it right across your eye. supposed to give you a smoky eye, voila. we tried it. it's great. it took us a little while to try to apply. we look like we couldn't have done it. we spent more time doing it than we did. >> for the products -- >> this is a product that's adaptable makeup. it has a dial system that allows you to customize your shade. so we tried it. one of our testers put it on in the morning, went and got a spray tan and got a darker shade at night. >> and you got sun, you can adjust your foundation.
8:49 am
>> which perfume? how does this work? >> this is like a scented lotion. you put it on. it's as potent as a spray perfume but you put it on like a moisture. >> from "in style," great to have you here. >> thank you. just ahead, how to prepare your kids mentally to head back to school. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning on "today, a group of gi's whose mission is so secret they never held a reunion. what they did in world war ii saved thousands of american soldiers. but he knew until now. >> front line soldiers. >> who thought mostly with word words. many were german-born jews who escaped the nazis but eagerly returned to fight for america. >> bring the prisoner up. >> they were trained as interrogators. they were assigned to dozen of front-line units. these refugees saved thousands of american soldiers. because of their intimate knowledge of germany and its people. >> you do what makes them tick.
8:52 am
>> he drove from battle to battle with speakers. he convince sod many to surrender, they gave him the legion of honor. many like them became easy targets and died. >> they had to aim it to the loud speaker. >> he moved the loud speakers, and survived. at 92, he's still turning the horror he saw into art. he's been doing that since he landed at normandy. and sketched one of the first casualties. >> he's dead. he's dead. >> the byes fought their way back to germany. guy stern rolled into his childhood hometown. >> that was an eerie feeling. it brought back so many childhood memories, of course. >> did you drive by your house? >> yes, i was on that street. i saw it. the house was no longer
8:53 am
standing. >> his parents had disappeared. richard shifter's folks died in a nazi death camp when they sent him to freedom. >> you were one of the most fortunate in your generation. you escaped the holocaust. why did you go back? >>e i recognized that the united states had saved our lives so we went back. >> it wept practically unnoticed for nearly seven decades. mehme mitch gan's holocaust museum recognized them for their service. they knew what would happen if they were taken prisoner. the accent confused even the u.s. soldiers. one confronted one of the ritchie boys as he came back
8:54 am
from the latrine at night. >> he gave the pass word, but it was with an accept so he shot him and killed him. >> he marched inside a nazi death camp. >> when he marched inside. >> it disappeared. >> did you think that you might bump into an old friend in there? >> the people that i met, they hardly looked human. >> attacking that canvas, sigh lieuen figured out why his war-time efforts had been successful. before he enlisted. he was robbed, in new york city's central park by a cop who cursed him because he was jewish. >> kept hitting me. i start screaming, help, help.
8:55 am
sunday, lovely day. >> yet you still found it in your soul to fight for america. >> a beautiful country. full of possibilities. >> that's why he fought so hard for us. for today, bob dobson, nbc news, with an american story in farmington hills, mehmeti. >> great story. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> beautiful. just ahead, ivanka trump on the turmoil on wall street means for your real estate investment. >> first your local news and weather.
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. police are investigating a deadly shooting in baltimore county. it happened around 9:00 last night in nottingham. police say they discovered an unidentified man at the scene. no word on a possible suspect or motive. if you have information, call baltimore county police.
8:57 am
>> now let's look at the forecast with john collins. >> we have partly cloudy skies
8:58 am
this morning. showers are around the city earlier today moved to the east. in this environment, with the humidity, there is still a chance for rain in the area. on-again, off-again rain chances. total rainfall amounts of the small side. less than half an inch on early saturday. heavier rains expected in the mountains to the west. partly cloudy skies, a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. 84-89, the high. a little bit on the humid side. >> thank you for joining us spread we will have another spread we will have another weather update
8:59 am

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